Drive Up Market

As the COVID-19 (corona virus) continues to spread, Borner Farm Project is taking your health seriously. Our self-service market is now open as a pre-order drive-up market only. Our great products are still available, but you must pre-order in advance and set up a time to pick them up (between 9am - 7pm daily).


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please know that this will help us keep everyone healthy!

To use the Drive Up Market:

  1. Read through our list of items available. At the bottom of this list, use the form to make your grocery list and enter your contact information. 

  2. Once submitted, a Borner Farm staff member will contact you by phone to schedule a pick-up time and take payment.

  3. At your scheduled time, drive-up to the market, stay in your car, call the number given to you by the staff member, and they will bring you your ordered items.

Thank you for practicing social distancing and self-quarantine!

Drive Up Market Order Form

$5       Applesauce (Frozen)/pint
$10     Applesauce (Frozen)/quart

$6       Applesauce (canned)/pint
$4       Apples (dried) small bag

$6       Baked Beans (Maple)
$7       Beef, ground/lb
$5       Black Beans (Seasoned)
$7       Broth, Bone

$1       Caramel Candy/piece
$3.50 Cornbread
$9       Cranberry relish
$5       Eggs/dozen (Soy, gluten free)
$4       Eggs/dozen
$0.50 Honey stick
$5       Honey, 8oz
$6.50  Honey, 16oz
$12     Honey, 2lb

$5       Hummus
$8       Maple Syrup (Wild Country)/8oz
$12     Maple Syrup (Wild Country)/12oz
$14     Maple Syrup (Wild Country)/16oz

$1.50  Paneer, Spiced Indian Cheese
$7       Peanut Butter (natural)
$8       Pesto, Cashew Basil
$8       Pesto

$1.50  Pickled Red Onion
$7       Pickles, Canned/pint
$8       Pickles, Crock/pint
$8       Pickles, Spicy, Crock/pint
$12     Pickles, Crock/quart

$20     Pie, Apple

$20     Pie, Pumpkin
$5       Pumpkin Puree/16 oz
$9       Soup, Indian Tomato Rice/quart
$6       Soup, Navajo Stew/pint
$11     Soup, Navajo Stew/quart
$5       Soup, Vegetarian Chili/pint
$9       Soup, Vegetarian Chili/quart
           Soup, Indian Rice and Paneer

$5       Spinach/bag

$3       Vegetable Stock/pint
$5       Vegetable Stock/quart
$3.50  Yellow Rice

$6       Candles
$10     Gift Card


Market Products

Items in RED are frozen.

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