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pizza night

Every year, much of our field is set aside for making sure we've got all the right ingredients for the best pizza ever - plenty of heirloom paste tomatoes, a rainbow of peppers both sweet and hot, tons of basil for those margarita pizzas, more basil and garlic for pesto, red and yellow onions, broccoli, kale, and many other more obscure ingredients that we guarantee are just as delightful as their summer counterparts - sweet potatoes, winter squash, and potatoes! And of course the hard-working herbs: thyme, rosemary, sage, and oregano… and did we mention basil?

Reservations are required and spots are limited. We will start taking pizza night reservations right on this page on the Monday or Tuesday before pizza night.

Our next pizza night is on Friday, October 29th, 4-7:30pm.

Watch for 2021 Pizza Night dates on our event calendar! 


Location: The Borner Farm Project, 1266 Walnut St, Prescott WI, 54021


Times: Reservation slots will be available for times between 4:00pm and 8:00pm.


What We Serve: Each hand-made pizza is about 11”. We charge by the pizza. Our pizza menu features both traditional and inventive flavors and reflects the season; pizzas are refined and delicate in the spring, wild and colorful in the summer, and warm and satisfying in the autumn. We also serve delicious farm-fresh appetizers, and seasonal desserts.


What to Bring: Please bring your own picnicware, utensils, nonalcoholic beverages, blankets, and chairs! Because of regulations we ask that folks don’t bring alcohol onto the farm. Please leave your pets at home!

To keep you, our guests, our volunteers, and our staff healthy, please wear a mask, sit in the marked areas that safely encourage physical distancing, and limit social contact and time spent on the farm.


Parking: If you can, please walk, bike, or carpool! Please do not use residential driveways as turnarounds. Drop off guests at the farm before parking your vehicle in one of the following locations:

  • The only on-street parking available is directly adjoining the farm property. Please do not park in front of neighboring properties.

  • The Joy Lutheran Church parking lot is available .

  • Down the Walnut Street hill at the baseball field parking lot (not the Fire Hall parking lot).


Please visit our Calendar of Events to see if this Friday is Pizza Night!

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