Grow your own plants from organic seeds and organic soil for:

  • Pizza Party - grow tomatoes, peppers, zuchini, and basil for your favorite pizza
  • Salsa-rific - grow tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, and onions to make a yummy salsa
  • Flower Power - grow gorgeous flowers, including one that you can eat!
  • Climbing and Crawling - grow vegetables that climb (like pole beans) and crawl (like pumpkins, zucchini, and melon)
  • Springy Thingys - grow early spring veggies (radishes, kale, lettuce, and kohlrabi) that you can start today and eat within a few weeks!


Use additional included organic seeds, organic soil, and pots to do 4 science experiments, and a special super secret science experiment!

Get Ready, Get Set, GROW: Science With Seeds Kits

  • Things to keep in mind after purchasing a kit:

    • Fill your pots loosely with the organic potting soil (don't pack it in).
    • Keep your plastic bag of organic potting soil in a cool, dark place until using (don't leave it in the sun).
    • We've provided enough pots and soil to get you started. You may want additional pots and soil for the extra seed in your kit. Click HERE for instructions to make your own newspaper pots.
    • Unroll the white tube rolled around the super secret experiment: on it are the directions for this part of the fun!
    • We recommend adult supervision when opening seed packets and planting - some seeds are teeny tiny!
    • Email us ( with ANY questions or to share photos with us! Or share your photos and tag us on Facebook, @bornerfarmproject

    Now, Get Ready, Get Set, GROW!

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