Tender and delicious kale leaves are great raw or cooked! Organically grown and fresh picked from Borner Farm Project. Sold in large bunches. Choose from:

  • Dinosaur Kale: This kale goes by a number of names, including dino kale, Tuscan kale, lacinato kale, black kale, and cavolo nero. It has very dark green, palm-like leaves and is easy to prepare because the leaves and stalks can be eaten.
  • Curly Leaf Kale: This is the most recognizable type of kale, with tightly ruffled leaves and peppery flavor.
  • Red Russian Kale: This flat, ruffle edged leaf has a reddish stem and is great baked into chips and used in any recipe calling for kale.
  • Wavy Leaf Kale: Between Red Russian and Curly Leaf type kales is this sea-green, gently-ruffled kale: a customer favorite at the farm. 

Need some recipe ideas for Kale (such as chips, pasta, salad, and frittata)? Check out our Borner Farm Pinterest site!

Kale, Many Varieties


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