Winter Squash: This year, most of our winter squash comes from Driftless Orchard out of Hager City, WI – just down the road! Driftless Orchard uses IPM techniques (Integrated Pest Management) to care for their crops, with an emphasis on organic methods.


All winter squash from Driftless Orchard is $1.50/lb


  • Butternut – A lovely, smaller variety of short, wide fruits with bright-orange flesh. Flavor is complex, nutty, and sweet. Wonderful in pumpkin pies and for any baked good! Each fruit is about 3 lbs.
  • Autumn Frost – A butternut-like winter squash. Beautiful, blocky fruits are each about 4lbs. Thick, sweet flesh. Excellent storage. 
  • Sunshine Kabocha – A dry, sweet winter squash with a long storage life. Fruits weigh 3 to 8 lbs and are round, squat, and bright-orange. Vibrant yellow flesh is thick and dense. When cooked, this squash is smooth, dry, buttery, nutty, and very sweet!  

Squash (Winter Varieties)


    Borner Farm . 1226 Walnut St., Prescott, WI 54021