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the farm

Located at the edge of the metropolitan area of Minnesota’s Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, near the rural farmlands and smaller communities of western Wisconsin, we are uniquely positioned to demonstrate how to help bridge the gap between food producers and food consumers. Residential neighborhoods, schools, and public amenities surround the farm. This setting allows us to be an epicenter for community building in our area!


We grow produce for our community using organic practices. We sell what we grow at our on-site market and through our CSA program. The seeds of inspiration for how we grow food have come from many sources. We utilize Eliot Coleman’s season-extending techniques, and pay close attention to the advice in Toby Hemenway’s book, Gaia’s Garden. Each year, we work to incorporate more elements of permaculture design for the property. We are committed to efficient, productive, and ethical design systems.


Our busy one-acre garden remains untouched by chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The only amendments brought in from outside the farm and added to the soil are composted manure from nearby farms, and leaves and wood chips contributed by members of the community. The garden is encircled by a double-deer fence and includes season-extending low-tunnel, caterpillar, and high-tunnel greenhouses.


In residence are several farm employees, two adventurous barn cats, a small flock of ducks and chickens, and multiple beehives.

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